Futures Night 2019 @We The Curious

Interactive Physics stalls at late-night museum opening. + Science Stand-Up @ BRLSI Science Party

Researchers @karinkjernsmo and @roxmiddleton are sparkling and they're here @wethecurious_ to chat about iridescence in the natural world. What could be the advantage of shimmery feathers? #FUTURES2019 pic.twitter.com/h5lS3mbIXu

— FUTURES Night (@FUTURES_ERN) September 28, 2019

SHIMMER: rainbows, sequins and physics

Cambridge Science Festival 18th March 2019 6-7pm. Discover more about the physics of colours in bubbles and butterflies with Dr Rox Middleton who presents a talk of glitz and science. Find out how animals use colours and how scientists are inspired by nature to make new materials for the future of fashion and function.


King's Affair 2017

I am Not a Robot (Marina and the Diamonds), the Robot Queen strip-stand-up-android for King's College annual May Ball (theme 'uncanny') KA2017

Shimmer Under the Rainbow @ GREEN MAN 2018

Interactive Einstein's Garden stall about the science of shimmer KA2017

FOFF festival

Habitueé of annual festival of arts and community 2016-2019: Stand-up, Lip-Sync, Cabaret & MC

Dragtime: One Night Stand

A Frozen-themed political homage as part of a 12-piece Cabaret Show (review)


Stand-up / Love letter to the future

21st Jan 2017. Socialist stand-up


Science Communication with NFTS Nature Film Students